Thursday, 1 November 2012

Friendship #smed12

My definition of friendship:

·         Must have a mutual connection

·         The same interests

·         It can stand the test of time

·         Who share secrets

·         Who trust one another

·         Helps one another

·         Encourages one another

·         Who never judges you

·         Who protects you

·         Who Shares your achievements and disappointments with you

·         Someone that can listen

·         Someone that cares for you

·         That’s sincere
Friends are friends forever………..



Why all these #smed12

There are so many wedding traditions. Below I list a few that totally boggles my mind as to why?

·         You must get married in a white dress?

·         The wedding must take place in a church

·         The Mother of the bride has to wear the wedding colour scheme

·         Your siblings must be in the wedding

·         You are required to have a long veil

·         You have to invite relatives you only see at funerals

·         You must get married out of your parents house

·         If your siblings have children they may not be in the wedding

·         The best man has to make a speech

·         You must have more than one bridesmaid

·         You have to enter the church on the traditional wedding march

·         You have to wear something borrowed, something blue, something old and something new

·         You must have flower girls

·         You must have a miniature bride and groom

·         Your parents names has to be on the wedding invitation

 Society, our families and their traditions.


Festive #smed12

It’s the end of October and people are already busy with Christmas shopping. The shops are busy and several items are on sale. They just know how to get your attention! I don’t understand how we buy several items each year, not necessarily because we need it just because we want it and have the money to buy it.
Every year I tell myself that I won’t shop as much as the previous year, but before you know it there are several bags in my car’s boot. I started buying items in September already. The stores have several Christmas trimmings with the BoneyM Christmas cd playing in the background.  The best is buying gifts for your family. When you exchange gifts on Christmas day and just enjoy the celebrations.
It’s nice to share with those in need. There are so many people that don’t have a plate of food on Christmas day. So we bless them with food and help make a difference.

Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Western Province #smed12

Western Province

What a game. I don’t even watch rugby, but when it’s time to back our teams I’ll do what I have too. The spirits were high with Western Province tops and flags everywhere. Everyone was backing the Western Province team. People of all ages and races. It reminded me of the 2010 Soccer World Cup. The team spirits were high and  there was unity throughout the Province.
We watched the game with friends and family. It was very entertaining! That moment when you have four referee’s and five players watching the game with you. It’s as if they were playing in the Province team in their previous lifetime.
Then the final whistle blows and it sounds like it’s New Year’s eve. People shouting, singing, hooting and hugging each other a few people even shed a tear.
Sweet victory for Western Province and all it’s people. What an awesome match and an historical moment for the Western Province.  
25 – 18 well done boys! WP jou leka ding :)



Eating Healthy #smed12

Eating Healthy
This is easier said than done. It’s difficult to be smart and eat healthy. Many people misinterpret healthy eating. It’s not about being on a strict diet and starving yourself to be skinny. Healthy cooking definitely results in healthy eating. It allows us to have more energy by maintaining a nutritional diet. Thereafter doing some exercise will help improve your health as well.
There are several easy recipes to help with an affordable and nutritional diet. Your vegetables and Fruit is very important as well as drinking enough water. Then to have a small breakfast the most important meal of the day but the meal that so many of us skip several times a month. After having breakfast it is easier to have smaller meals throughout the day and avoiding a large meal at night. It’s best to eat that meal when you are still active. We tend to have supper between 18:30 – 20:00 then our bodies are not active anymore.
How about letting go of the bread and pasta’s and gas cooldrink…
This healthy eating business is not as easy as I thought. Rather now or never I’ll start by including more vegetables and fruit in my diet but  the biggest challenge is drinking enough water J


When kids start talking #smed12

I’m really enjoying every moment with my two year old nephew Kieran. At first he could just say 3 words but his vocabulary has improved tremendously. It’s such a cute stage his in even though it sounds a bit foreign at times but you’ve got to love it.
I suppose the correct pronunciation will take a while. I like teaching him new words but then he repeats it like a broken record. At first you can’t wait for them to start talking, but when they manage to get to the talking point it goes on non-stop. It reminds me of when I was young and had to learn the alphabet. It seems everyone goes through that face where they ask so many questions.
Did you know between the ages 2 – 3 a child’s vocabulary would have grown to 200 words? It’s amazing how he started saying everything that he likes first. Mommy, Grandma, Car, keys, food and TV. What a weird combination of first words….
Don’t u just love the little ones J


Wednesday, 24 October 2012

That time of the year #smed12

It’s that time of the year when your body starts longing for a December and summer holiday. Especially if you have been slaving away like me whole year without taking any leave. 
Many people prefer to work over the festive season because they spend too much money when they home. I enjoy my family time and I enjoy the summer holidays. I’m looking forward to the shopping, swimming and just relaxing. I know you spend a lot of money during that time of the year. It’s even better if you take three weeks leave and if it’s planned in advance.
My best moments when I’m on holiday
·         Spending time with my family and fiancĂ©
·         Sleeping late
·         Going to the beach
·         Switching off and not thinking of work
·         Spending time with my friends
·         The gifts and pamper sessions
·         Sharing with those in need
Holiday where are you 51 days to go! Happy Holidays